Cheryl Cole and Liam unveil her baby bump in pregnancy photos

Cheryl Cole and Liam unveil her baby bump in pregnancy photos

cheryl cole pregnant

The most open secret in showbiz was revealed when the Cheryl Cole pregnant rumours were finally put to rest as she confirmed that she was going to become a mother with her baby bump fully on display alongside boyfriend Liam Payne of One Direction at the St James christmas carol 2016 in London.

My grandmother always used to say if there was one lie you could not hide,it was that one of expecting a child.Just sit back and wait and like a huge boil on your nose,it will show.Fans have been
eagerly browsing through the many baby photos that have since been appearing in newspapers and blogs all over the world.The 1.6m tall(5ft 3in) British star would be becoming a mother for the first time.

Cheryl Cole age and Liam Payne became a talking point because of the spooky way which the couple met.The two stars had met when he was only 14 years old in 2008 appearing on the UK X Factor music competition show where the Geordie Girls Aloud singer was a judge.They later met again when he came for another audition 2 years later.It was then that judge and show producer Simon Cowell put him and other contestants together to form the supergroup One Direction.
Cheryl cole and liam payne

She is 33 years old while he is 23,a ten year gap.Good luck to them i say,after all age ain't nothing but a number.
Funny thing is some people are still asking her to confirm the pregnan.What more is there to confirm?What is wrong with people?What more do you need?I cannot understand some people at times,they do say a picture speaks more than a thousand words.If there was a perfect advert for that,it could not be more than Cheryl baby bump.

The child will have no money problems though as both parents are rolling in it.Her net worth is a reported $30m which is about £24m,while father Liam net worth is a cool $23m which reads £18m in his British homeland.

Paybe left One direction to become a solo star in 2005,he was born in Wolverhampton in England.He along with Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik formed a band after finishing third in the X factor in 2010.They have since gone to sell millions of records worldwide and become the biggest group in the world.

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