How jailed NFL's Darren Sharper drugged and raped his victims

How jailed NFL's Darren Sharper drugged and raped his victims

The ex National Football League star Darren Sharper rape victims can finally have closure after he was jailed for 20 years in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday.I don't know if the women can really ever have closure but at least they can feel justice had been done.
I still don't understand why a rich good looking celebrity who dated beautiful women like Gabrielle Union, will feel the need to rape women.Apart from being the most disgusting and vile thing a man can do to a woman,he also did not need it.These women would probably have complied willingly.It can only lead me to believe he got a sick satisfaction from the rapes.Absolute sickness.Well he can have 20 years of fun in prison.What a waste!

The star who played for 14 years in the NFL with Packers,Vikings and Saints and was a two-time All Pro,met his victims in clubs or bars.He then goes through his routine of turning on the charm and winning the women over.After he gains their trust,he then suggests they move to another venue to continue the fun which is only just starting.Little do the victims know what was in store for them. Now this is where the sick and depraved part of Sharper come in.He goes on to Ply them with drinks laced with sedatives that blacken their memories and incapacitate their bodies. Then like a predator,he moves in and carries out his act.

This template by the NFL Network broadcaster  was repeated many times and in as many as 4 states across the United States.So far,it is on record that more than 12 women have come forward to accuse the star of raping them.
But the 20 years sentence he got on Tuesday was for the attack on 2 women in LA.

He had followed his usual template after meeting the two ladies at Bootsy Bellows nightclub.He then suggested they move to another party but he had to stop by his hotel to pick up something first.I guess being there was two of them,they would never had imagined they were in danger.They were wrong.He laced their drinks with drugs and knocked them out.While they were knocked out,he proceeded with his act,luckily,not sure if that is even the word to use,one of the victims woke up while he was assaulting her.

The star who has since been fired from the NFL Network after his arrest, repeated the same thing a few weeks later at the same nightclub,gosh how many women must there all over America?When the second set of women woke up,they checked into a hospital for treatment.
The Super bowl winner could have gotten more years if he had gone to trial,but his deal with prosecutors lessened his serving time.The three other states in which he had been convicted are Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana.All the prison times run concurrently.
Two women spike in the court room about how their lives would never be the same again.One spoke of hos she was always looking over her shoulders and never feels safe at whatever time of the day especially when a man was around.

Darren Sharper Gabrielle union dated for a year in 2006 to 2007.I can only imagine how she must feel with all this.I really feel sorry for her.Gabrielle if you recall was raped as a 19 year old at gun things to her.Discovering that a man she was dating had raped so many women will definitely open old psychological wounds which could do things to her.Imagine if she had become Darren Sharper wife?I think she should look at the worst case scenario and count her lucky stars.I wish her well.

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