Did People really vote for Harambe with 11000 votes in US election?

Harambe for Prez

There was uproar when an unsubstantial story emerged that 11,000 Americans had voted for Harambe the Gorilla to be President at the US election.Harambe is the gorilla, who was shot dead in May after a child climbed into his enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo.

Part of the outrage was that the thousands of votes were wasted on a gorilla when they could have gone to Hilary Clinton helping her defeat elected president,Donald Trump.

The dead gorilla quickly began trending online with queries of how many votes did Harambe get,while some were really puzzled that people could vote for a gorilla.
This has really been a crazy election,what next?
Harambe for President?Some people actually preferring to vote for a gorilla rather than a
human?Are things really that bad?

But it turned out it was all a rumour.A bad rumour.Just like the eventual result of the election itself.

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