Soyinka on plane heading back to Nigeria after Green card Trump pledge

Soyinka on plane heading back to Nigeria after Green card Trump pledge

Professor Wole Soyinka famously said he would tear up his Green card if Donald Trump won the US election to emerge as American president.Well,as we all know by now,Trump did the unthinkable and won the election.Nigerians being what they are called out the Professor and he trended on twitter.
In fact the call outs started as early as 8 am this morning.
Some of them were very humorous while some were downright rude.Remember this is an 82 year old elder statesman.Many of those reacting in such rude manners should stop and ask if they could talk to their fathers or grand fathers in such manner.

Anyway moving on from that,it seems the Prof has backed up his threat to tear up his green card if Trump wins.

When asked after the election result if he had seen it coming,he replied-Not altogether. The
possibility was looming nearer and nearer, getting scarier and scarier.

As Election Day approached, the specter became near palpable. I refused to switch on the television this morning until I had stiffened myself with a strong espresso. I felt disaster in my marrow.
On if he will back up his claim to tear up his green card,he remarked-Come January 20, 2017; watch my WOLEXIT! (Donald Trump will be sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States of America on Friday, January 20, 2017)

Fast forward a few hours later,a Prince Adeyinka,who we are not sure of his relationship with Wole Soyinka shared a message on Facebook saying : “Fellow Nigerians !!! Prof and I are on our way to Nigeria.”

We are not sure what has happened to the green card though.Maybe that will be officially torn in a ceremony in Nigeria...The world awaits...😊😊😊😊

Meanwhile,here are some of the reactions on twitter...

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