Donald Trump's Google Wankpuffin Origin revealed.

Do you know the Wankpuffin origin?Wankpffin a word that has gone viral since it was discovered that if you type it in on Google,Donald Trump comes up.Part of the description that also comes up is-A horrid person. A terrible tinkle berry box. Assassination worthy.I don't like that bit of assassination worth though,nobody deserves that.

Never has a search ever came up with something so appropriate.So how did the word originate?Well,it is a word that emerged in 2015 at christmas when composer Nick Harvey mocked up this wifi
image below of his grandma and tweeted it out.

So that was how the word came about.Next thing is someone who wants to either save or amuse the world has decided to set it up in a away that if you type in Wankpuffin in Google,well Mr Donald Trump appears.I don't think this will be the case for too long though.As we are speaking,the secret service are probably looking for a way to put this to rest.😋😋😋😋😋
 someone has set it up so that whenever someone Googles ‘wankpuffin’, President-elect Donald Trump’s bio comes up.

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