Fidel Castro assassination attempts of over 600 and Jeremy Corbyn Praise

Fidel Castro assassination attempts of over 600 and Jeremy Corbyn Praise

The combo of Jeremy Corbyn Fidel Castro is an unlikely one.But the labour leader has heaped huge praises on the dead Cuban emphasising how important he is in our lives.But did you know that before his death at 90 yesterday,there had been over 600 plots to kill him by the CIA and the Americans?Here we take a look at some of those bizarre plots to kill the man whom the labour leader praised his revolutionary heroism and impact he had on his country's health and educational systems.

For over 50 years,he was a thorn in the flesh of the US government.He was so proud and recognising of the attempts to end his life that he remarked that if ending his life was an Olympic event, he would
win gold !
Some of the many ways in which they tried to kill him include:
The most famous one which was the xploding cigar.Everyone knew of his love for cigars so i guess it was the obvious choice.A Ney York police officer came up with the plan to use the cigar which would have contained enough explosives to blow off his head!
toxin called Botulin.Another idea was to use a conch shell in the sea to blow him off.The Cuban leader has a great love for scuba diving,so the idea was to plant the explosives.But the cigar bid came up more than once.Another ploy was to lace his cigar with a poisonous substance called Botulin.Maybe this would have worked,but the agent who was supposed to carry out this operation pulled out at the last minute.

There were some bizzarre ones too.Heard of the hair removal plot?They tried to slip chemicals into his shoes and that dreaded cigar again.

The closest they came to succeeding in taking his life was with the Poisoned milkshake plot.Everything was in place,but the poisoned poll destined for the drink stuck to the freezer and ripped open when the waiter-cum-assassin tried to rip it off.
And a plot to kill a man would not be compleye without a woman would it?Castro like all men loved women so they tried to get one of his mistresses Marita Lorenz to kill him.She made a deal with the CIA.But if your time is up its up,if not,well,theres nothing no one can do about it.At the vital moment ,the poisoned capsules given to her by the CIA melted.She had put them in her face cream.Hahahahahahah,now that is funny. 

More bizarre ways continued in the ploy to silence the revolutionary Cuban leader.Next was the Poisoned wetsuit.There was a plan to offer Castro a wetsuit filled with deadly spores and bacteria during the Bay of Pigs invasion, but once again the CIA did not succeed with the carefully planned plot.

Th Deadly pen plan seemed to make a lot more sense to me.Why didn't it work?I think by this time his myth probably scared many people who must have thought this man is indestructible and cannot be killed. They had a careful plan to rig a pen with a hypodermic needle so fine that someone could prick him with it and he would never notice until he died.How easy would it have been to do that?A little hug and a little prick should have taken care of that.But once again,this man refused to die.

There was also the plan to make him lose face amongst his people.They planned to spray a room where he was about to have an interview with LSD like substance.They wanted to disorientate him and make him look and act strangely in public to worry his people and dent his image.

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