David Hamilton dead:Suicide in Paris amid Flavie Flament rape allegation

David Hamilton dead:Suicide in Paris amid Flavie Flament rape allegation

Famous British photographer David Hamilton has killed himself in Paris.Police confirmed he had committed suicide.He was aged 83.He had been caught up in rape allegations by many women with the most prominent one coming from Tv presenter Flavie Flament.
He was found dead by a neighbour who had tried to revive him but called the emergency services when he found he could not.

He was famous with his work of taking photographs of girls not wearing very much.As of last week he was denying the rape allegations by the tv hostess and three other women who claimed he had raped them in their early teenage years.I guess when you have a man who is obsessed with taking pictures of ladies not wearing much,a high chance of this happening
could be possible.

In fighting back,he was quoted by a French news agency last week saying,"The instigator of this media lynching is seeking her quarter of an hour of fame through slander. I will be filing several legal complaints in the coming days,"

Flament, a presenter on RTL radio, had claimed after persuading her parents to let him take pictures of her at a nudist camp in Cap d'Agde, southern France, in the mid-1980s,he assaulted her when she was only 13 years old.
I am shaking my head baffled here.What kind of parents allows a man to take photos of their 13 year old daughter on a nudist camp?Jeeez,wasn't a light switched on?The parents themselves should have been charged for child neglect.In my opinion,they failed their daughter.

However the lady much older now at 42 years of age,did not forget the attack and wrote a book called The Consolation which was released last month.In it,she revealed the experience again but did not mention the famous photographers name for fear of being sued.But she cleverly used a picture of hers taken by him as a young girl for the cover. 

This then led to all kinds of speculation whether it was Mr Hamilton she was referring to.But things took a new turn when after being contacted by some women who had made similar allegations,she confirmed that he was the one she had been referring too.This was she said:"When I chose with my publisher to put this photo on the cover, I knew that it would prompt other testimonies. And I can tell you that I wasn't the only one to have gone through this abuse, this rape by this photographer. I knew I couldn't be the only one,"
What followed were legal threats by the photographer who claimed he had done nothing wrong.
Most of the much older ladies now who were the attacked as teens said they were too ashamed to report the case to their parents as they were afraid what it might do them.A particular lady said it left her with suicide thoughts in her adult life.
One of the ploys he used to getting the young girls was his fame.He had sold so many millions of books, photographs and post cards around the world that even the parents of the girls he had chosen were starry eyed and proud that he wanted to take pictures of their daughters.
Sadly his taking the easy way out by killing himself has robbed the ladies of ever seeing any justice done to give them closure.
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