Dvid Haye vs Tony Bellew fight to see the big mouth shut forever?

Dvid Haye vs Tony Bellew fight to see the big mouth shut forever?

Every fight now seems to be a grudge fight and the David Haye and Tony Bellew bout seems to have fitted nicely into that category.But who is in for a beating here?Both men seem to have a big mouth but i think most boxing fans are rooting for the Everton football club supporter to shut up the handsome and Muhammed Ali style ex world champion Haye for keeps.

So how will the match go?Bellew is a fighter who relies a lot on his ruggedness and toughness to seem him through wars.Mind you he has been stopped before though.David on the other hand is
skillfull,moves around and makes it difficult for opponents to lay on a glove on his pretty face.So could we have a cat and mouse game here?A bit like Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali,Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler?Not that both boxers deserve to be talked about in the same breath as the legends mentioned above,but i believe we will be seeing a fight in that mould.

Both men were cruiserweight champions who stepped up to the heavyweight.I think this is factor that might work well for Haye because he has fought much bigger men in the past and came out victorious.He still has his speed and flexibility meaning he will be at advantage in terms of experience,size and knowing how to handle a cruiserweight.This might prove to be too new and too much for the newly crowned Liverpudlian cruiserweight world champion.

Natural heavyweights such as Dereck Chisora, Audley Harrison and John Ruiz, are some of the men stopped by David.It remains to be seen though how his 3 years away from the ring might have affected his reflexes and ability to dig deep and take pain if you have to.

The 33 year old Liverpudlian on the other hand, says he has an edge over his foe having beaten him in a sparring session behind closed doors 11 years ago.David of course denies this.But why do certain fighters take what happened in a sparring session such a long time ago so seriously?Is it all mind games and a psychological ploy to mess with your opponents mind?Maybe,maybe not..time will tell once you stepped into that ring for real.

The Liverpool fighter said- "I cop him with my best punch, he's going to sleep.""He hasn't been in a hard fight for over five years," said Bellew. "I know that he does not want it as much as me and he is not going to be as brave as me."

Replying him,Haye said-"He still thinks he's on the set of Creed and there will be some kind of Rocky-style happy ending....
I've earned my credentials the hard way - inside the ring, not on film sets. There will be no second takes, no stuntmen taking the blows and no flashing lights on the red carpet. The only lights Bellew will see are those of the spotlights shining down on him when he wakes up from his nap on the canvas."

Interestingly,whatever happens in the March 4 O2 Arena bout, Bellew will remain as WBC cruiserweight champion regardless of the result.I guess that is not a bad security to have.It may actually free him from tension to fight a relaxed fight knowing nothing is at stake.Well,nothing apart from his pride.
He might very well need to produce a repeat performance which saw him come back against all odds in his bout with Ilunga Makabu,to knowck him out and become world champion.Now if boxing fans see a fight close to that on the night,we shall all be celebrating the noble game.
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