Renato Lopez death:How he was abducted with friend and killed in Mexico

Actor Mexicano Renato Lopez has left me shaking with shock! The actor and musician was killed in the central state of Mexico on Thursday.He was killed alongside his friend Omar Giron.He was 33 years old.
Apparently,the musician,actor and presenter was along with his agent forcefully taken and
led to a rural township called Jilotzingo. They were then shot in the wooded vicinity and left in a car.It is not  clear yet if they were killed in the car or afterwards dumped in there.So sad and inhumane to do this to a fellow human.Where is the safety in Mexico?

The talented actor was also a musician and a television host for E! Entertainment .He was not married but was in a serious relationship with fashion blogger Alexandra Ivanisevic, who he had been dating for seven years.
with girlfriend of 7 years.
Lopez was also a television host for E! Entertainment and a songwriter.He began his career by working as a model and acting in TV commercials, was host of E!'s show "Zona Trendy" and worked for the music channel Telehit.
Their bodies were found inside a vehicle in the town of Santa Maria Mazatla with "wounds caused by firearms," according to statement released by the Attorney General's Office.
Notable friends and colleagues from the entertainment world such as Gloria Trevi, actress and singer-songwriter Dulce Maria and and actor Mauricio Martinez,have expressed their sorrow at his death and unnecessary killing.

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