How Missing Kayla Brown was found alive Chained by Todd Kohlhepp in South Carolina.

How Missing Kayla Brown was found alive Chained by Todd Kohlhepp in South Carolina.

Kayla Brown the missing South Carolina woman has been found alive chained in a shipping metal container like an animal in a house.A realtor Todd Kohlhepp,who is the owner of the property,has been arrested as a suspect.The suspect also known as Christopher had been added to the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry because of a 1987 kidnapping conviction in Arizona.He has been arrested by detectives for the Kayla Brown kidnapping.
I can't understand the kind of people we got running around in this world.How can you chain a woman in a container for 2  months?Yet this man is a man seen as a normal successful man in society.He was a realtor who owned a real estate business.Just shows
you really don't know what is lurking beneath when you see people.

Kayla and her boyfriend 32 year old Charlie Calver had gone missing for 2 months.They went missing on the 30th of August.Friends had been so concerned and raised awareness through Facebook.The popular social media site played a particularly interesting and important part in this kidnapping saga.

But But it was on the same Facebook that bizarre messages were posted on accounts of boyfriend Charlie.The account reported that Kayla and Charlie had gotten married,it also regularly posted details about the missing couple.Comic character Batman also regularly featured in updates on Charlie's page in a move that his friends and family found to be weird.It didn't tale long to figure that his account had been hacked.

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp is indeed a sick man.I just wonder how the people who had done business with the realtor must feel now.The women in particular,he must make their skin crawl.Ad who knows how many others Todd Kohlhepp may have kidnapped in the past?Especially if he had been on the sex offenders list as far back as 1987?

Now, authorities are thinking there is more to the case of the found missing South Carolina woman who has been found alive.They think the 100-acre property in Woodruff near Spartanburg where they found Kala, after receiving a tip-off about a potential sex crime might indeed be a scene of other crimes,possibly murder.Bearing in mind that Kayla's boyfriend Charlie still ahsn't been found.Police dogs have been dispatched in the areas to sniff out dead body remains.Very sad this is.

While the family of the South Carolina woman found alive will be celebrating,the family of boyfriend Charlie are besides themselves with grief and fearing the worst.
Latest updates have now sadly confirmed that a body has been found on the surroundings of the property on Friday afternoon.The details and identity of the body has not been released yet at the time of press.But there are also unconfirmed news that Kayla said she witnessed Todd shoot her boyfriend.

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