Samsung offers repairs refunds after washing machine and dryer recall list

Samsung offers repairs refunds after washing machine and dryer recall list

Samsung washing machine and dryer recall has been pt in effect after major faulty complaints from customers.They have offered repairs,refunds as well as replacement to customers after many complaints of their machines vibrating excessively.There were reports in some cases of the lids become detached after the heavy and loud vibrating.

Samsung is offering repairs, refunds and replacements for about 2.8 million top-load washers after receiving hundreds of reports of machines vibrating excessively — in some cases, so much that the lids became detached.

The Samsung washer recall 2016 list consists of 34 models of its top range washing
machines dating as far back as 2011.But the recall list does not include the front-load washers.

The popular electronics firm is really having a hard time lately.The Samsung Galalxy S7 if you recalled has also been recalled.Not only is the note 7 recalled,production has also been halted.
The Samsung washer exploding in particular is closer to home for me personally.We have always patronized their washing machines,but have been let down by our most recent purchase.Now we have to follow procedures and send in our appliance.There was actually a dispute between me and my kids.I thought they must have done something wrong while using the machine,cos i could not understand the excessive vibrating.Well,i guess an apology is due,a couple of Chinese meals and a ticket to the movies should sort that out..hopefully..😛😜

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