How Seun Egbegbe was caught stealing iphones in Ikeja computer village(photos)

How Seun Egbegbe was caught stealing iphones in Ikeja computer village(photos)

The ex boyfriend of Toyin Aimakhu,Seun Egbegbe was today caught stealing iphones at the famous computer village.The theft report  has shocked many Nigerians who got to know of Seun through his volatile relationship with popular actress Toyin.

According to reports,he had gone to the village with the pretence of buying 7 iphone 6's and two iphone 7's.On entering the shop,he asked the attendant to go get him something.Then he made his escape quickly down the busy streets of Ikeja.Whne the attendant came back and found Seun missing with the phones,she quickly raised an alarm.
He was stopped as he was about to escape but one of his staff whow as with him was said to have
escaped with a phone.

He was then beaten up by those who caught him.Evidently he was not beaten seriously in the pictures seen ,cos his face still looks intact and recognisable.I think he was lucky that there was a recent coverage of a young boy burnt to death for stealing recently.Otherwise,he could have easily been lynched.Ikeja is not a place where they mess about with things like that.

There has not been a reaction from the popular actress yet.He was said to have begged the people who caught him not to take his picture.Imagine the cheek.People are still debating on social media though,asking why Seun Egbegbe had to resort to stealing phones cos he was loaded.But that is the whole point.Do you know the source of his wealth?What if that was his original vocation?

What i don't understand is,this man has been on the internet and magazine pages so many times,why didn't he stop to think for a minute that people will recognise him?Even if he had escaped,wouldn't the girl have been able to tell police it was him who came into the shop?
It all sounds so bizarre.People are even saying it must be a movie as they cannot believe it still.

Well i don't believe it too,but we better,the pictures don't lie.He did indeed steal those phones.Lucky escape for Toyin.

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