Nigerian 7yr Old boy wants to be a Yahoo Fraudster in shocking video!

The conviction with which this 7 year old Nigerian boy in this video revealed he wanted to become a yahoo yahoo fraudster shocked me.He had been asked by an elderly what he wanted to become when he grew up.Many kids would have answered,Doctor,Lawyer,Musician,Footballer and many more.But this boy was having none of that.He wants to become a fraudster.I don't know what was more shocking.The fact that he knew what a yahoo yahoo boy was or the seriousness and determination in
his voice when he revealed his ambition.

He even swore to God.If this is the sign of the future,it is scary indeed.
But i would like to think this boy is just being a kid and will grow out of this ASAP.
He obviously is surrounded by bad role models.He sees them spending money and maybe heard them say what they did to get all that riches.
Kids are like sponges,they catch on quick and soap up every little information.
More reason why we should be careful of what we portray when they are around.

See video below...

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