Why was Kanye West rushed to the hospital?

Why was Kanye West rushed to the hospital?

The shocking news of Kanye West hospitalized under the 5150 psychiatric hold  has shot through the entertainment world.The rapper was taken away after cops and doctors had been called to his LA home.He had been said to have been getting no sleep from trying to juggle his fashion line and music tour at the same time.Hence the sleep deprivation.

But this did not happen without drama of its own,afterall Kanye never does anything easy does he?When doctors who checked him out felt he had to be taken to hospital,he refused and had to be
restrained forcefully.He was said to have tried to attack a police officer and had to be cuffed to a stretcher before he was taken away.
There had been signs that he was either not feeling well or was under enormous pressure.His rants at concerts was becoming a regular thing.There was the ranting at his one time best friend Jay Z and also at his wife Beyonce.Twice Jay Z had been at the end of Kanye ranting,the first time was at a concert when he told him off for not coming to see him after his wife Kim had been robbed in France.The second time was much more serious.This happened at the weekend,when Kanye told a crowd at his concert that he knows Jay Z has killers,but he should please not send them to him.

Remarkably,nothing came from the camp of Jay Z and Beyonce on both occassions.They must have known that something was not right with him.The medical welfare call could probably have saved him from having a major breakdown or doing something silly to himself.We all pray for him and hope that he being hospitalised will give him the much needed rest he requires and that he gets back to what he does best in a healthy mind.

His wife Kim was said to have been by his side on the trip to the hospital.We shall bring you more developments as they come along.

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