Listen to Kanye West 911 call tape for emergency Psychiatric hospital help!

Listen to Kanye West 911 call tape for emergency Psychiatric hospital help!

The Kanye West psychiatric hold call that had him hospitalized in handcuffs has been released.It sadly had to happen but the rapper in  hospital for sleep deprivation is not shocking news to me.He was forcefully taken away for psychiatric evaluation after cops were called to his house in LA on reports that he had been behaving erratically.
The procedure is known as a welfare check.In the emergency call that you can hear on this tape,the operator referred to his case more seriously by terming it a psychiatric emergency.
After doctors checked him out,they decided it will be best for him to be taken to hospital.He was not happy with this and put up a fight.He then had to be restrained,handcuffed to a stretcher and forcefully taken away for evaluation.The official reason given for Kanye West hospitalized,is he was suffering from sleep deprivation.But if you have been following his behavioural pattern,you would know something had
been up with him for a while.

There have been many weird and questionable acts from the rapper and fashion label owner.Only at the weekend he gave us a rant at his concerts that are now being known more for this than his music.He was lashing out at his one time best friend Jay Z,telling him not to send killers on to him and just talk to him like a man.It wasn't the first time he came for Jay Z either.He had earlier attacked him at a concert where he blasted his best friend for not coming to see him at home when his wife Kim Kardashian got robbed in Paris.You would have thought friends will call each other and talk about this over the phone or face to face.
But no,he decided to share this with 20,000 people at a concert.
Imagine how Jay Z must have felt?

Then at the weekend,yet at another concert,there was more ranting worse this time by saying he knows he has killers.
When i saw what happened to him at that concert,i said to my brother,he is either on some serious drugs or he is having a massive melt down.Well,it turns out that he was having a break down indeed.The headlines of  him being hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation or sleep deprivation,however you wanna term it,proves this.

Apparently,the fashion guru had been suffering greatly by juggling his fashion empire and his music and hardly getting no sleep.He also is said to have surrounded himself with a lot of yes men who could not place him check when he was going out of line.But who tells Mr Yeezy to go sleep or not to say that?

Looking at the designs of his label Yeezy lately,many must have been thinking,whoever designed this lot cannot be all at home up there.Sound bad to say,but those designs were very self indulging.
Only last month,he fired 30 staff working for his Yeezy label.At the live show where he called Jay Z a killer,he did 4 songs,3 actually,cos he performed the same song twice.Then he stormed off stage never to come back.Does that sound like someone who was okay?I knew something was up with him

I just hope he is allowed to take all the time he needs from him being hospitalized.I hope nobody rushes him back and he makes a full recovery.It is sad to see anybody sectioned or hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation.It is bad enough when it is done privately.Even worse when you are one of the most famous men in the world and the whole world knows about it.

I hope this is the last time there will be a Kanye West psychiatric hold,mental breakdown or whatever they wanna call it,even though he drives us all crazy,you must agree the world is a better place with the mad genius in it.Get well soon dude.

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