How Yanet Garcia Wonder woman Halloween Nip Slip costume rocked America!

Sexy weather girl Yanet accidentally bares all to her millions of YouTube fans

The wonder woman Halloween costume of Yanet Garcia did wonder for hot blooded Americans with the help of a little nip slip.Never knew such a tiny slip could get so many people hot and bothered,the Mexican beauty is officially the Halloween wonder woman,lol.
The star like everyone else who bothered was having fun with her halloween costume,but she got a lot more than she bargained for in her skimpy number.
The funny thing is,the slip lasted all about a second,but it still managed to go viral and set of the internet euphoria.Good things do come in small packages indeed.So how did the Yanet Garcia slip happen?Well,there she was posing and in her costume looking gorgeous on
video,and apparently she popped out,now i am not joking,i have looked at that video twice and i didn't see anything.Do i need new glasses?So if there was really a nip slip,it must have been the tiniest of tiny,so why all the pandimonium?Kim Kardashian gives you all these for free,and you don't have to strain your eyes,lol.
I guess less is more.
Yanet Garcia has wardrobe malfunction
Well,even if i did miss all the fun,Yaney after posting the video,removed it and replaced it with another,but as usual,those beautiful people on Youtube had grabbed the original version and decided to load it online for her,just in case she wanted to see the Halloween wonder woman costume again when she is 75 and telling her grand daughters about her lil nip slip incident,NOT!

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