Why William Hill website and app was down with problem(DDOS)Cyber attack

Why William Hill website and app was down with problem(DDOS)Cyber attack


If you are a betting or gambling fan,the William Hill website down palaver must have hit you too.I tried to place a bet on the Arsenal football game with William Hill on Tuesday,but couldn't.There was this funny message saying they had discovered i was based in America so i won't be able to place a bet.Imagine how pissed off i was when my predictions came in later?

But now,William Hill have come out to say their log in inability by users was down to a sophisticated website attack.The William DDOS attack,(distributed denial of service ) has been a very expensive one for most punters.If i for example had been able to place my bet yesterday,i would have been £150 in money from a £2.50 bet,so you can see why i am not too happy
with the William Hill site down problem.My gambling habits thankfully are not out of hand,i don't bet more than a couple of week in a month or so,and this is exactly why i was unhappy with the situation.That would have been my christmas shopping dosh,lol.

While William Hill said they had restored services the attack was ongoing on Wednesday afternoon and problems were continuing.
A statement from the bookmaker on Wednesday said: "The online services of William Hill were intermittently impacted during the course of yesterday following distributed denial of service (DDoS) activity by third parties.
"This follows a significant increase in DDoS activity experienced by a number of online companies over recent weeks.
"While the attempt at disruption is ongoing our technical teams were able to restore services last night. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers."

Lets hope this is the last we hear of this,but you and i know very well that it is not,before long i am sure we will be confronted with cries of why is William Hill not working or William Hill site down again,if you doubt me,you wanna bet?
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