Linda Ikeji wants to marry a husband very good at sex and not poor

Linda Ikeji wants to marry a husband very good at sex and not poor

Linda Ikeji

So blogger Linda Ikeji has revealed the kind of husband she wants to marry.Linda says he has to like sex and has to be very good in bed,plus he has to be successful in what he does because she cannot marry a poor man.She needs someone to look up to and inspire her to greater heights.But as usual sex sells,so its the sex bit that got a lot of Nigerians talking.But why the talk?What are we so surprised or shocked about?How many women want to marry a man who is poor or does not like sex?Ah beg it is what we all dream of,except you want to pretend.So Linda's requirements is not a surprise or a big deal to me personally.

Speaking in an interview with the Vanguard,Linda said,When I was like 30-years old, my
standards were very high, extremely high, but I wasn’t looking at marrying, I was just focused on work because I’ve always been so ambitious that I wasn’t focusing on marriage or kids. I felt like I should just do what I wanted to do. It was just recently that I began to think about marriage, and to be honest, my requirements are only three now. He must be successful, he must be a good man, in the sense that he must be supportive of me, if he tries to stifle me then I’m out. Lastly, he has to be a man that likes sex and must be very good at it”.

We all know the typical Nigerian mentality.Even though the young lady has money coming out of her pores as the most successful and popular blogger not only in Nigeria ,but in Africa with her famous Linda Ikeji blog,people still think she is nothing except she gets married.But why should marriage be so much of a necessity?So many people have gotten married and were destroyed by the institution.
Either because of abuse,not being supported by their spouse,being restricted to chase their dreams and many more.

So if someone thinks they have found their calling and not necessarily want to get married,why should we look at them as a failure? on the marriage thing,the blogger reacting to the question whether she is getting proposals from suitors said-“I’m getting quite a lot of proposals. You know people say when a woman is successful, men run away, it’s a lie, that is when they chase you the more. But unfortunately, I haven’t seen what I’m looking for. To be honest, I keep telling people, it’s not like men are scarce, it’s the type of man some of us are looking for that is scarce, if I want to marry next year I can, but he would not be the kind of man I want.

Next thing people will start on is that she is not humble,women have always had it bad in Africa especially.We are supposed to sit there quietly,not express ourselves and just go along with what the men want.If a woman expresses herself,she is arrogant and not humble,if she happens to be rich and successful like Linda Ikeji,heaven forbid,even worse.

Going on further about the kind of man she hopes and wants to marry,Linda said-I want a man that I can look up to, someone that inspires me, someone that would push me, someone that would motivate me, somebody that has had some success in his own career path, then I can look up to him and be like “wow”, a man that teaches me and I can learn from. I’m inspired by successful people, someone like Tyler Perry, I can’t wait to meet him. I can’t marry a poor guy, I’m being honest about it, no I can’t, he doesn’t have to be very rich but let him be successful in his own way. You may come across some successful men but there is something wrong there, so the whole package is what I’m looking for.

I hope she gets her wishes,she deserves it.She has worked hard for her success and has a right to choose the kind of life or man she wants for herself.And the kind of man she is looking for at least in the bedroom department should not be too hard to find.What man does not like sex?Are they all good at it?Hmm,that's another question entirely.But as a blogger,Linda does a lot of research,i am sure she would not mind helping her eventual husband do more of that,in the other room.

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