Tesco bank Scam news and fraud department Number 03453661281

Tesco bank Scam news and fraud department Number 03453661281

Tesco bank fraud has left thousands of customers scammed of their money.Many customers found they had been scammed of their money when they tried to log into their accounts or go to cash points to withdraw funds.

Some customers got emails as early as last night saturday 5th November to be informed of the banking problems.Part of the problems they faced were not being able to get through to Tesco bank on the phone,their cards being blocked and also finding out that money had been withdrawn from their accounts by a third party in a fraudulent scheme.

The number of customers said to have been affected by the scam runs into thousands but less than
10,000 according to official reports.
By Sunday the 6th Nov evening, Tesco Bank said it had spoken to the majority of those customers affected by the fraud problem and any stolen money would be refunded from Monday onwards and "within 24 business hours".

They also gave a number for any customers worried or wanting to check if they were affected.The Tesco bank fraud department number to call is 03453661281.

Tesco Bank head office

There have been stories online with customers recounting how they logged on to their account only to find they had lost hundreds of pounds.A particular man told how he lost £600 and has only £21 left in his account.Tesco said they could only give him £25 at the moment as a goodwill gesture.Meanwhile,the poor dude has to eat,by other stuff he needs which he can't do right now.
Not all the customers are happy though,i mean who would if you turn up and find you have been scammed out of your savings?
A particular man shared this on social media-A third said: "My weekend is not going very well, thanks to Tesco Bank. Money has vanished from my account and you don't even answer the phone."

But it could be a lot worse.At least Tesco have accepted responsibility,so whoever is affected can be rest assured they will be sorted out.Remember ,the number to call is 03453661281.

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