Lisa Snowdon age:height,who she is dating and more facts

Lisa Snowdon age:height,who she is dating and more facts

The interest in the i'm celebrity model has led to questions of how old is Lisa Snowdon.Well,she was born on the 23rd of January 1971,making her making her 45 years old.
Her height:She is 1.78m tall.For those of you who don't know,1.78m in feet is 5ft 10 inches.Looks like our celeb is quite tall,with additional high heels ,she will probably stand well over 6 foot!
Her hair colour is brown which is rather surprising since blonds are the ones who have the most fun(they say).Her eyes are blue.

But did you know she was born Snawdon and later changed her name?Yep,true fact.She was also a
regular feature in the top 10 sexiest woman in the world of FHM magazine.She graced their covers many times as well,mostly wearing bikinis.Her posters were said to have graced many male bedroom walls and working places.She worked with Channel 4 on something for the weekend and was also a presenter on MTV and Capital FM.

The radio and Tv presenter came third on strictly come dancing with Brendan Cole in 2008,a fact she was not happy with.

Who is Lisa Snowdon dating:Her most famous boyfriend was George Clooney who she dated on and off for 5 years in the early 2000's.Other high profile public figures she had a relationships with included model Paul Sculfor .She also searched for love in the music business when she hooked up with rapper David Loeffler of American band E.Y.C. But she seemed to have shyed away from fellow celebrities now as she is now on a low key relationship with George Smart.Time will tell if that was a smart move.

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