Ali Mohammed:How Somali Ohio state University stabbing suspect was killed!

Ali Mohammed:How Somali Ohio state University stabbing suspect was killed!

The suspect who drove a car into some students and went on a stabbing spree injuring nine has been identified at Somalian  Ali Muhammad.The 19 year old attacker was later killed by the police.What happened at Ohio state University is another shocking event in a long list of terror activities that is fast becoming the norm in America.The refugee who is said to have a legal permanent resident of the USA stabbed some students with a long knife taking advantage of the confusion cause by a fire drill exercise.

As soon as alarm of the attack which said Active shooter on campus,run ,hide fight" was raised,a shooting team that comprised of  a SWAT team, K9 and bomb squad units and scores of law enforcement officials descended on the sprawling campus. 

Although several injuries have been reported,there are no killings on record except that of the suspect
by the police.The injuries sustained were a combination of the knife and the car driven into the students by Mohammed.

Eyes witnesses have been given accounts of the Ohio state attack,one given by Student Jacob Bowers said he saw a man with a knife "chasing people around trying to attack them."
"Luckily there were so many people he couldn't focus on one target," Bowers said. "I didn't see anyone get stabbed but I saw the police officer take down the stabber. He saved lives today."

The apparent attacker did not say anything, "which was almost scarier," Bowers added.
Many parents have been in a panic mood trying to ascertain the safety of their children following the OSU attack.There were scenes of pandemonium and relief for those who found their kids and family members safe.

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