Teddy Riley kids and songs steals show at his Soul Train legend award 2016

Teddy Riley kids and songs steals show at his Soul Train legend award 2016

The most famous new Jack swing producer ever, had people asking how many children does Teddy Riley have after this amazing performance at the 2016 Soul Train music awards where he was given the legend award ?Well,that depends on which of his kids you are talking about.Are you talking about his many many songs that the crowd could not get enough of or are you referring to the many offsprings given to his by his many baby mamas?
Which ever your intention was,the New Jack swing creator did not disappoint.It was a night to remember and the many song and performances had you remembering the time.People were jamming
like they just got paid on a Saturday night.And who could blame them if that was their prerogative?

The performances of Doug E fresh in particular,Bobby Brown,Wrecks and Effects sure did groove me and many others.Enough of the puns for now
But what the hell has happened to Aaron Hall's voice?The Guy lead vocalist had one of the best voices back in the day,but it was embarrassing to hear him reduced to a quarter of what he was back then.Still the crowd carried along the classic sons of Lets Chill and Groove Me.

Tito Jackson came on stage to Join him perform Remember the Time,the classic made by his brother Michael Jackson.
The songs were endless,SWV's Right Here,it was a shame they did not come to perform it though,would have loved to hear Coco's amazing voice once again.

Bobby Brown also made an appearance,you all recall he really became known after producing that smash hit My Prerogative for Bobby on his second album that saw him become the hottest artist on the planet back then.

There was a conspicuous absence of his old group Blackstreet.I guess they have still not resolved their problems.Shame though they could not all put that behind and make this night even more special.It's not every day you get this kind of legend award.

Now back to that question,Teddy Riley kids question.The reason the question came up was cos he thanked his children after receiving his award,like they all do.Except this time the names were endless,they just kept coming,lol..Well to put you out of your misery,he has 10,yep 101 I guess when it comes to producing he is really the best.This man just likes to produce.Hahaahahaha.You can see him with some of them on the red carpet in the video below.

Listening to the songs last night,you just never stopped back then to take note of the many songs written by and produced by him.They were loads,loads of hits that will still be played 30 years from now.

I hope he has made enough money though from all this,cos my heart is still broken from learning yesterday that Colonel Abrams died penniless and homeless at the age of 67.
While writing this i decided to quickly check,afterall Google is your friend and i was shocked to read that Teddy Riley net worth is $1.5m! Surely that cannot be right?All those songs he produced and wrote?Nah..Can't be.Micheal Jackson collaboration alone should bring him that in royalties every 3 or 4 years.Sometimes you don't know whether to take all this net worth reports seriously.But then again,this might be down to his baby mamas and many children.After all if you have 10 and baby mamas to go with it,that must take a hefty chunk out of your pocket right?

That all said,it was nice to see the pioneer who was born in October 8 1967 making him 49 years old this year look so good and healthy.The man has come a long way.This was a guy who was making hits as far back as a 17 year old.Remember he produced Go see the doctor for Kool Mo Dee?
Here's to the next hit songs!

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