Wayne Bridge Vanessa Perroncel secrets and that John Terry affair

Wayne Bridge Vanessa Perroncel secrets and that John Terry affair

As soon as he agreed to go into I'm a celebrity jungle,you knew the Wayne Bridge Vanessa Perroncel angle will start all over again.Who could ever forget how John Terry betrayed his best friend by having an affair with his partner and all the repercussions that came from it?The footballer ended up giving up his England career over it and i think the funniest part of a serious situation was the Wayne Bridge John Terry handshake that never was.In a game featuring Manchester City vs Chelsea,the Chelsea captain was publicly humiliated.The whole nation had been waiting and speculating if the two will acknowledge each other before the game as done by players.But as Terry stretched out his hands towards his ex best friend,he walked past him ignoring his gesture of a hand shake!Ouch!

It left football fans debating this real life situation,cos as we all know,most men will share most
things with their mates but not their wives or girlfriends.When you lose her to a person you consider a very close friend,the hurt and betrayal is inexplanable! I know cos it happened to me.

So who is the lady behind the scandal?The woman who reportedly came between two friends?Well,Vanessa Perroncel is French model.She was dating the footballer between 2005 and 2009.They had a son in between who is now 10 years old.
But they came into national prominence when the affair between her and the then Chelse and England captain came to light.It dominated newspapers and even talk shows for a long time.I think this was also partly because it was something that a lot of people could relate to.We have all been betrayed in one way or the other.And lets face it,there is nothing folks love better than reading the seedy scandals of celebrities on gossip columns.

Funny thing now though is,it has been suggested by so called friends or those in the know that Wayne used to tell his ex that he would never go on celebrity reality shows because he felt only desperate people go on them,and also that he wanted to protect their privacy.Also,Vanessa was said to have been offered many chances to go on one of these shows but she turned them all down.Needless to say,the gist coming through is that she is not happy at all to see her ex gracing these same reality shows he had sworn against.It is even reported that she was given the chance to go into the jungle a few years ago and she also turned that down.
Well,that's life innit?I'm sure she didn't tell him either she would be having an affair with his best friend.

Everybody has moved on now though,the footballer is married to Saturdays pop star Frankie Bridge.She is actually on her way to Australia to support hubby on the i'm a celebrity show.
I have a feeling that now that he has appeared on a celebrity reality show,the French beauty will be following suit soon.And you all know what its like once a woman gets on those shows.Secrets and revelations are bound to flow...Watch out folks...

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