Rick Astley hits still makes you dance 30 years later

Rick Astley hits still makes you dance 30 years later

Rick Astley was the fresh faced boy who bust onto the music scene with the dance hit,Never gonna give you up.Surprisingly Rick gave all up his hits at the height of his fame.He quietly retired cos he could not handle all the fuss and touring that came with fame.
But that was not before the star signed by the Stock Aitken and Waterman combo had ruled the world with so many Rick Astley hits.Who could ever forget such hits as She wants to dance with me,Together forever,the christmas No1 and cover of the Nat King Cole classic,when i fall in love?

Just to make you know how huge he was in the 80s,Never gonna give you up was a No1 hit in 25
countries including America.

Rick retired for a while and then came back with the more adult themed Cry for help,then disappeared for a while.But he is back now and hotter than ever.Thanks to the internet.

Talent will always survive,it is only when you are a contrived and manufactured act that you have a shelf life.
It's 2017 and the fresh faced ginger boy who hit us with his powerful voice in the 80s is still here and kicking strong.
By the way,have you gotten your Rick Astley tour dates 2017?

Today 20th Nov was another milestone for him.He appeared on strictly come dancing looking not a day over the age of 35 promoting his new song Dance.He is 50 by the way.The internet has since gone gaga remarking at how young Astley looked.
Here is to the next 50 years mate!

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