All about Mick Jagger new 29yr baby mother Melanie Hamrick

All about Mick Jagger new 29yr baby mother Melanie Hamrick

Rolling Stones frontman,73 year old Mick Jagger has had a new baby son with ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick who is 29 years old! So how did they meet?I'll tell you that in a second. Now you will begin to understand that when this man sang he can't get no satisfaction ,he wasn't joking!
They have been together as a couple for the last 2 years.This is not the first time the start me up singer is becoming a father.This will be his 8th child,and i guess the finance to take care of them is no problem as Jagger's net worth is a cool $360m!

His other kids were from Luciana Gimenez,Bianca and Jerry Hall who was subjected to so many public heart breaks and humiliation from the for ever young Romeo.His latest was
born in New York and dad was present to welcome him into the world.

Girl friend and baby mother Melanie dances with the American Ballet Theater.She is very good at what she does as she has been at it since the age of 3.She got her first big contract when she turned 17.
So back to that meeting.iN 2014,The American Ballet Theater and the Rolling Stones were coincidentally touring Tokyo at the same time.She went back stage with some friends,a very dangerous thing to do when rock stars are around.Mick set his eyes on her and he was not gonna let her go.An invite to dinner followed and this jumping jack flash begged her to let's spend the night together and wild horses could not keep this devil away after that.Have no sympathy for this devil though,he is very capable of starting up whenever he needs to.8 kids with 5 different women don't happen by chance.

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She was born in Williamsburg, Virginia and is already enjoying some of that huge fortune of her generous man.In October 2016 he bought her a $7m townhouse in New York City.Now you know how to keep a 29 year old happy if you are 73.😋😋😋

It might not all have happened though as she was previously engaged dancer, Jose Carreno. Their relationship however ended a year before she met the Jumping Jack Flash.
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