Why Greg Lake believed in father christmas and cause of death.

The front man of Emerson Lake and Palmer and the man who believed in father christmas has passed on.Greg Lake cause of death has been confirmed as cancer.This was revealed by his manager after many fans wanted to know how did he die.He was 69 years old.He was also the lead singer of another legendary band,King Crimson.He played the bass guitar and was one of the most influential bassists of the prog rock scene.
But he will be mostly remembered for his popular festive song celebrated every December as a solo artist.The song was recorded in 1975.
He had confessed to have been influenced by Elvis Presley,composers Copeland and Prokofiev as
well as Little Richard.

It had only been nine months ago that fellow band mate Keith Emerson also died.He had killed himself with a gun.2016 has really been a tough year for music with so many greats icon fallen.
He had a long and hard fought battle against the deadly cancer disease,but like many,he was beaten at the end.

Speaking on his famous festive song,he commented: “When Pete Sinfield and I wrote it ,it was about how Christmas had deteriorated and was in danger of becoming yet another victim of crass corporate financial exploitation.
“As much as I love everyone having a good time, it’s more than 12 pints of lager and a crate of Baileys. It’s more important to make some spiritual human contact, or visit someone lonely.”
He continued: “We never had any commercial or financial intentions, but of course now everyone wants to know how it feels to receive all the lovely royalties, which are apparently delivered by wheelbarrow by Santa himself, after a long day climbing down everybody’s chimneys.”
His group with Emerson and Palmer went on to sell almost 50 million albums in a very successful period.

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