Blac Chyna stopped from trade marking Angela Renee Kardashian name!

Blac Chyna stopped from trade marking Angela Renee Kardashian name!

So the Kardashians have put a stop to Blac Chyna trademarking her brand as Angela Renee Kardashian .They say she will damage their reputation??hahahahahah excuse me while i laugh in Swahili.What reputation have they got to be damaged?The gist is that Kim K,Khloe and Kourtney have filed legal documents saying that they will 'suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill' should the proposed name change go ahead.
As far as i am concerned they are all birds of a feather and they should be rightly flocking together.The bottom line is girls will be girls,there is jealousy and they feel the new kid on the block
might come and take a chunk out of their nice big fat pie!

But no need to be greedy,there is plenty to go around.Miss Chyna knew exactly what she was doing when she took a chunk of their brother Rob.Even her father said her daughter had always been ambitious and she has done well for herself after nabbing Rob.This was even ever before she became pregnant.And her mother was already shouting from the roof top ever before her baby who is a Dream(she wasn't named that for nothing) in every sense of the word.

She might be an airhead,but stupid she definitely ain't and none of her new family are exactly Einstein are they?
Now about that reputation,what exactly are the girls known for except for who they sleep with,how big their booty is and how many times they have taken their clothes off on a particular day?So how exactly can this beautiful reputation be damaged?If anything,Miss Angela Renee which is Chyna's real name by the way, will further enhance it.
Because now,there's one more big booty and fake body part added to the family.
I admire the Kardashians in what they have done for themselves.They have virtually made something out of nothing and become a household name all over the world raking in millions by the mere mention of their names.
Kim is famous all over the world,even though the whole world might equally be familiar with every part of her anatomy more than her husband Kanye West is.Oh,by the way,isn't Kim supposed to be divorcing Kanye?Not that i believe all that crap,the man has been in hospital for 2 weeks,did she call them to tell them i am divorcing my husband?The tabloids are just bored because Kim has not taken off anything in 2 weeks and thought of another way to sell their magazines with her name.

So back to the trademark name,don't wanna go off track.Bottom line is whether the girls like it or not,Rob's girl friend and Dream's mother has become a part of their family.It is only a matter of when and not if that she marries Rob,a guy who seems not to know what time of the day it is,i bet she has got his number and just taps on it anything she wants him to jump.

So they should get used to the fact that the party has one more guest.A guest that will probably become unruly once she arrives,but guess what?Ain't jacj they can do about it!
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