Emily Ratajkowski a diet of revealing vulgar dress gowns

Emily Ratajkowski a diet of revealing vulgar dress gowns

Model and video vixen Emily Ratajkowski dress has been more talked about than anything she has ever achieved.The 25 year old probably wanted to have a Liz Hurley moment with what has now been termed a vulgar gown by those in the know.Those who were more kind called it a revealing outfit.But one thing they all agreed on is ,the outfit is a no no.I managed to get a picture of it that is family friendly enough to use here.

But regarding those crucifying the outfit,what i would say to that is,it depends on what Emily set to
achieve in the first place.If she had set out to achieve notoriety and fame,well she is currently enjoying that.Some of you might ask didn't she get that in the video that shot her to fame?Her appearance on Robin Thicke Blurred Lines?Well,who ever gets enough of fame?Its like a drug they say,the more you get is the even greater you chase it.

But these things tend to have a double edged swords.Now the model is involved in a bitter battle after a photographer released some nude pictures of her.The model in explaining the controversial pictures taken by photographer Jonathan Leder says they were taken for an artful shot and the unused ones were never meant to see the light of the day.Then if this so,why let the photographer hold on to them?You should know these things always come out.When are these young girls going to learn?How many more examples of celebrities who have been burnt by this little moment of silliness do they need?From Madonna to Marilyn Monroe to ex Miss America Vanessa Williams,i could go on and on.

What this really tells me is that when they took these pictures,they knew the consequences,but they were so desperate for fame and a break that they were willing to risk it,.When they now attain a certain level of that fame they had been chasing by all means,they suddenly wanna become snow white.Well,it doesn't work like that my dears.

Now back to that dress,you can only wonder who the hell designed it,well,actually it was done by Julien Macdonald number.But to be fair,maybe that was what the model asked for.It was cut all the way through to her navel,with all her side bits exposed and two strategic lines holding her boobs in place.I's sorry,i like people who are daring and like to experiment,but that outfit was truly vulgar and too revealing.

How long do you wanna sell your body for?She wants to go down the Kim Kardashian route?Once you have achieved a certain level of fame through notoriety,you move on and try to consolidate it through classy avenues.Or else you just get treatments like she is currently getting and become a joke.
Liz Hurley and that famous outfit.

We know she has the body and figure to wear this,even if you wanna be risque with a beautiful body,there are ways to do it.Liz Hurley dress like i mentioned earlier is a great example.

I guess when you have a beautiful body like she does,you wanna show it off,but once again its about the execution.Presentation matters a lot.While the model was talking about her diet which keeps her body in check,she revealed she watches everything that goes into her mouth carefully,this she says makes her think twice when she is about to eat junk food.She loves freshly made food and eats meat regularly as she feels salads alone would not give her the energy she needs to carry her through.But she always makes sure she has a balanced diet.
So there you are ladies,you can have a body like Emily too,but remember when you decide to wear something to show it off,do it with style and class.
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