How Adama Barrow defeated Yahya Jameh in Gambia elections

How Adama Barrow defeated Yahya Jameh in Gambia elections

Adama Barrow is new elected president of gambia after defeating yahya jameh in election

The amazing defeat of  Gambian president Yahya Jameh in the Gambia election by Adama Barrow Argos ex security guard, is the most beautiful news to come out of Africa this year.It is hi time all these greedy and selfish men ruling African countries are kicked out of power.Can you imagine this man has been in power for 22 years??22!!! It beggars belief.I must admit i was very surprised and shocked to hear he not only lost the election but conceded it as well.

The soon to be ex president had come to power in 1994 as an army officer following a military coup,he then went on to win four previous polls.He came into power as a 29 year old.

There must be a new wind of change blowing all over Africa and i think the way Goodluck Jonathan quickly conceded his election in Nigeria to President Buhari might be having an effect on these other countries.

Yahya was a dictator who thought the Gambian presidency was his birthright.In the lead up to the elections,he banned social media and the internet.Can you imagine?The people are showing that the power they have over these tyrants is at the ballot boxes and now they are ready to wield that power by voting all these men out of office!

What is even more shocking is the former president uttering the words that his people have "decided that I should take the back seat".My ears must be deceiving me.He also announced on national television that he will do all he can to make the transition as smooth as possible and ready to help the newly elected president if he needs him.He then went on to congratulate him.I really must be dreaming.

This is what i have dreamt of for my continent for decades.Lets hope this leads on to better things in terms of leadership and building the continent.There is too much suffering in a continent blessed so abundantly.

The build up to the Gambia election itself was one that had the whole nation glued to the same cause.After going to the polls and voting for their candidates of choice by placing a marble into designated drums for each candidate,they then stayed up all night glued to their television and radio sets listening to results anxiously.

Barrow tallied 263,515 votes while Jammeh who's net worth is said to run into millions and millions of dollars, won 212,099,as reported by the election commission.
The people took to the streets in wild jubilation when the results came through.
The victory of Adama was attributed to many young people of the nation wanting a change after the same rule for 22 years and nothing to really show for it.
Just like in Nigeria,a group of political parties had come together and join hands in selecting the newly elected president.This resulted in untold support for him.
In a rag to riches or power story,Barrow had been working as a security guard in Argos in the United Kingdom only a few years ago.I guess,Argos now has a new super customer.I wonder if he still has his discount card?
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