Britney Spears diet:Weight loss and exercise secrets

Britney Spears diet:Weight loss and exercise secrets

She shot to fame with her hit me baby one more time video,but Britney Spears weight loss diet with that up and down body shape that we see from time to time equally keeps us captivated.So for those of us who knows how hard it is for a woman to stay in shape and ask the secret of her success,you can very well find out here.
The 35 year old has 2 children.Did i just say 35?Yep,seems like yesterday when she burst onto the scene as a teenager.Time does fly.She has been known to have had various problems with drink and her famous breakdown,we have also seen many pictures of her indulging in junk food.When you add all these together,it is easy to pile on the weight and see what was once a beautiful figure padded out
in all the wrong places.

She also revealed that after she had her son Jayden she realised she had put on weight in places like her hips like most women do.But she revealed constant healthy eating as well as exercises,group classes and yoga has been a life saver for her.

Getting it back: Tony Martinez helped Britney Spears get in shape for her hugely successful residency in Las Vegas, pictured on left at the Billboard Music Awards in May and on right performing in London in 2009
In the not so good days.
Practising her

As well as all these,a personal trainer helped her take care of  her diet.Famous trainer to the stars Tony Martinez reveals that he tried to get her eating healthy.He said he balanced out her protein fats and carbohydrates.This he said was important cos her work out routine included a lot of  cardio so it was essential that she got a lot of energy.
He then made her do lots of running as well as running backwards.Another talent Britney has that is hidden from the world is her ability as a tennis player.Tony says she is very good and incorporates thisroutines as well as core  in her work out.

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