James Ibori release shows why Nigerians deserve their leaders

James Ibori release shows why Nigerians deserve their leaders

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James Ibori released-The headlines screamed,James Ibori released!And the long tunnel finally led to a light of freedom for the Niger Delta son.But that is not the story of the day.What left me dumb founded are the headlines that followed his release from so called supporters.Welcome home our golden son.Our hero is free and a certain chief that i will get to later actually likened his release to that of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Nelson Mandela!
Are these people insane?Has the love of money so polluted our minds and conscience that we see nothing or smell nothing beyond the whiff of money?
Comparing Ibori's release to that of Mandela?
It's really sickening.I had to ask myself again why this man was sent to prison in the first place?Is he
a prisoner of the people?Was he jailed for fighting a just cause?No.This man was jailed for what you simply call daylight robbery and worst kind of theft.The former London DIY store cashier, was jailed for fraud totalling nearly £50m in April 2012!
Stolen money that was meant for his people.Money that was meant to build,roads,schools hospitals and secure the lives of the people he was meant to serve.

People of Oghara his country home,where said to have lined up the streets singing and jubilating,after his release from a UK prison today.Calling him the liberator of the oppressed and the hero of our time.It's laughable really.
Chief Ighoyota Amori who is an old associate was the one i remarked earlier compared his release to that of Mandela and Awolowo.He further said:our joy knows no bounds as the entire Urhobo nation,Deltans and the whole nation awaits his triumphant return to his fatherland.Like Nelson Mandela,Obafemi Awolowo and Olusegun Obasanjo,and many others of his type,Ibori remains our hero.
And this Amori man is the Otota of Mosogar kingdom,some kind of chief or leader.These are our leaders.

Pass me the sick bucket please.With people like these,how does Nigeria has any hope of ever being great or fulfilling his potential?Can anybody here bet that this man will not become the president of Nigeria or governor,vice president one day?

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Party after release.

My people really deserve what they get as leaders.Don't get me wrong,not all Nigerians are like this.A lot of us are still with conscience and a great moral standing,but at least half of the country are the other way.

Some fools have been coming online to spew nonsense ,pointing at others who stole money but were not jailed.So they are going to celebrate their sons.So if your child is caught stealing and sent to jail,your gripe will that your neighbours son was not caught as well?Or would you be ashamed of your son's actions and disgusted?

I really cannot understand Nigerians.Tribalism and religion has totally messed up the country.You can get away with anything once it has to do with those two.When someone errs,the first thing people look at is what part of the country he is from.Or if he practises the same religion as they do.

The eventual arrest and prosecution of the ex Delta state governor in itself was like a movie.
On December 12, 2007, he was arrested by the EFCC and charged with theft of public funds, abuse of office, and money laundering.
He had tried to bribe Nuhu Ribadu with a mind boggling cash gift of $15 million, which Ribadu immediately lodged in the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN as exhibit.
In December 2009, a federal high court sitting in Asaba, Delta state, discharged and acquitted Ibori of all the 170 charges of corruption brought against him by EFCC.
You can imagine how much must have gone into pockets of lawmakers to achieve this.No wonder they are all ecstatic to have him back.

When Goodluck Jonathan became president, he was accused of embezzling N40 billion, the governor of CBN later said that he had used Delta state as collateral for N40 billion loan.
Attempts to arrest him proved unsuccessful. He reportedly fled from Abuja to Lagos and then to the creeks of Oghara, his homeland in the Niger Delta guarded by militants who shot at government security forces. 
He fled Nigeria in 2010,the EFCC had to request the assistance of Interpol in nabbing him.An international arrest warrant was issued by the United Kingdom and enforced by Interpol and eventually he was arrested on May 13, 2010 in Dubai.
He was granted bail, but as the United Kingdom were seeking his extradition, the United Arab Emirates kept his movements restricted.He fought the extradition and fought for political asylum in Dubai. However this was not granted and he was eventually extradited to the UK in 2012.
It then became a family affair.his sister, Christine Ibie-Ibori and his associate, Udoamaka Okoronkwo,were found guilty on counts of money laundering.
They were each sentenced to 5 years in prison on Monday, June 7, 2010.

The day of judgement finally came for the runaway ex governor himself when he was sentenced to 13 years in jail by Southwark Crown Court .He lost his houses, luxury cars and other properties.He had already spent 645 days 
in detention facilities both in Dubai and UK.These were deducted from his sentence.
And so,it's up to Nollywood directors to shoot this block buster movie.
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