James Ibori video drinking champagne on day of release from UK prison.

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The release of ex Delta state governor ,Chief James Onanefe Ibori,is proving to be as controversial as to when he was actually in jail and the incidents that led to it.His release from a UK jail has sparked celebrations from a certain part of the country while others are appalled and cannot understand why the man is being celebrated.There are pictures that have surfaced with people celebrating his freedom.The amazing thing is some of them are eminent people.Well,supposedly.
I can understand you wanting to stand by a friend,even one who has committed a despicable or disgraceful crime.But you do that privately.You don't come out glaringly in public shouting from the rooftops like the man has just rescued the Chibok missing girls!
A Nigerian senator who flew to the UK on the day of his release to welcome the ex governor even compared his plight to that of Nelson Mandela and Obafemi Awolowo.Obasanjo was mentioned as well.

We really are in trouble when certain people cannot hide their heads in shame or embarrassment after being imprisoned for a crime such as that of money laundering.A Nigeria of many years ago will have seen friends and even family desert this man and not wanting to be linked with such a scandal.But this is 2016 and James Ibori released news to some is like the second coming of Jesus Christ because of the illicit gains they will make or did make when the man was in power.

Check out the video below of the ex Delta governor and his crew celebrating and having fun drinking champagne below.

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