Why was Adam Saleh kicked off Delta Airline plane?

Why was Adam Saleh kicked off Delta Airline plane?

The Delta Airlines Adam Saleh spat has generated controversy far and beyond.The actor says he was kicked off the Delta airline plane because he was speaking to his mother in Arabic.He was also speaking with his friend Slimmofication.The social media star who has 1.5 millions subscribers on Youtube and 250,000 followers on twitter,then proceeded to record a message from inside the plane,telling his followers how he has been evicted from the plane because some white people complained they were uncomfortable with the language they were speaking.
He then called them racists.

But the airline has come out to defend itself refuting the allegations of the social media star.In a statement early on Thursday, they said Saleh and his friend Slim Albaher were removed because they
"sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behaviour, including shouting".
The said this info was based on statements collected from the flight crew and other passengers.

So who are we to believe?It will be a terrible line of action to take if this were true.If it gets to a stage where people now have to watch their language for a fear of being picked on.For people not to be able to express their selves in freedom without fear of being persecuted for it.But like i said ,this is a big IF.

The actor is well known for his pranks and some have suggested that this may be one of them.But i seriously doubt that,this is too big an issue to joke or toy with.Already there are hashtags calling for Delta to be boycotted,#Boycottdelta.So this is no joke.

The video he shared with his followers on social media has since been shared almost a million times.That is the power these guys have.No one will come out of this a winner,but maybe,just maybe if someone wants to follow this precedent in future,they might just think twice about the after effects.


Taking things even further,the star has said he is taking this up with his lawyers as soon as he gets to New York.The BBC News and New York times were some of the many news outlet who covered the story.
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