Junaid Jamshed and wife die in Pakistan plane crash!

Junaid Jamshed and wife die in Pakistan plane crash!

Famous ex Pakistan pop star and now a cleric has died in a plane crash along with his wife in Pakistan.The singer songwriter was travelling with his whole family on the plane which was said to be carrying 47 passengers.Sadly there was said to be no survivors,so his whole family perished in the crash which was said to have occurred  in a village near the town of Havelian, about 75 kilometres (45 miles) north west of the capital Islamabad.

The names of the casualties are yet to be released,however officials have been dispatched with a team of experts to identify the bodies through their DNA.
A spokesman for the Pakistan International Airlines said the plane lost touch with the control

The citizens of the dead 52 year old pop star,has taken the news very badly with some actually not believing he was dead.This led to many people wanting to see the body before they could accept the news.It led to many searches of Junaid Jamshed dead body.
Most of them if all have sadly now come to terms with the fact that their hero is gone.
He shared a very spooky last tweet that you can see below...

Its another tragic day in the aviation world just a week or thereabouts after the death of the Brazilian football team plane crash which left the world in shock.
The dead singer was not without his own controversies,as he was most famously accused of blasphemy.So strong were feelings against his actions that he was attacked at an airport.

The genesis of his attack was that in 2014 he supposedly criticised the Prophet Muhammad's wife on social media.The video went viral and prompted hundreds of people to protest and call for his arrest for "hurting religious sentiments of muslims.A huge outcry followed this and then led to an investigation by authorities.
The former pop star then issued a public apology,but most people felt he did not deserve to be forgiven for his actions.

Things could have been so different for Junaid had he not been diagnosed with bad eyesight.His ambition was to become an F-16 fighter pilot.
However this led to him switching careers and he began his music sojourn in 1983.

He quickly found fame with the group Vital Signs as the lead singer.They released 4 albums in total with several hit singles,turning them into national stars and figures.

 In 1994 he came out with his debut album Junaid Of Vital Signs.His second album, Us Rah Par, featured singles Na Tu Ayegi, O Sanama and the title track. Jamshed's last solo album was released in 2001. 
He had two wives,Nahyar and Ayesha who he married in 1990.Nahya died in the crash.
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