Watch Dereck Chisora throw table at Dillian Whyte fight press conference

The actions of controversial boxer Dereck Chisora when he threw a table at Dillian Whyte during their press conference just shows some people will never learn.This is not the first time he has been involved in something like this that tarnishes the noble sport's image.If you recall,he also fought with David Haye publicly in 2012.
If only he applied this brutal force to his opponents,maybe he will be the undisputed world champion by now.Looks like Dereck is all mouth and no action.
And the disgraceful act did not stop there, Whyte's trainer Mark Tibbs appeared to throw an
object at Chisora after the table incident.So lots of things for the boxing board to look at.You can bet your last pop corn that there will be fines and maybe even sanctions with this one.
In defending his action,Dereck had said he took exception to his rival telling him that he will attack him wherever he sees him,even after the fight.

I must admit that was out of order to say such,but shouldn't the best place to take revenge be in the ring?I remember when a boxer refused to call Muhammad Ali by his new name,and continuously called him Cassius Clay.Ali said he was going to punish him in the ring.
And that was exactly what he did.The ring is where you should do your talking.
The 32 year old further went on to say his rival saying that he would attack him anywhere was a threat to his life and he doesn't take that lightly.

"Why should this guy threaten my life right now?" 
"Fight talk is fight talk. You can say anything you want about me. But one thing you cannot do is threaten a man's life. Saying you will see me after the fight. Then I get upset. I don't mind the trash talk."
Promoters had previously considered putting the two fighters in separate venues and having different press conferences,because of the bad blood that was obvious between them.But when 2 boxers cannot be in the same room for the promo of their upcoming bout,what has the game turned into?Now i wanna see this bout so badly!

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