Laura Ikeji and Ogbonna Kanu love story plus Ebube Nwagbo connection.

Laura Ikeji and Ogbonna Kanu love story plus Ebube Nwagbo connection.

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So you must have heard of the engagement of Linda's younger sister,Laura Ikeji to Ogbonna Kanu,the younger brother of Nwankwo.Whats up with these people?Are they playing celebrity kins?Whats with the brother and sister thing?Just joking folks...😄😄😄😄
Now moving on to the main koko.The footballer got engaged to one of Nigeria's celebrity bloggers and the proposal itself was all ove rthe blogs and social media a few days ago.I was not convinced by that though,it looked all staged in my opinion,still,its all entertainment.

But did you know that the groom to be was almost married to another celebrity not long ago?The celebrity in question is Ebube Nwagbo.Unfortunately,the association died out amid infidelity allegations concerning the actress.However,she denied this saying:“He did not dump me. We had
a mutual agreement. Nobody dumped the other. The relationship did not survive. We were dating; we had a relationship. But ours was just like any other relationship. However, the press did not give us any moment of rest. They married us and divorced us on the pages of newspapers and magazines. People kept writing things that were both true and untrue about the relationship in the newspapers.”

The star though is not happy with Nigerian journalists as she feels they were the main reason for the relationship not surviving.“Oh yes, I blame journalists. They kept writing about us. Everything about me became news to them. I guess that is the price you have to pay for being a star. It was just too much. Anyway, I have learnt my lessons.

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She however revealed that she was not jealous of any new girl in the life of her ex,stating:

“Why should I be jealous of her? I was the one that allowed her to be there in the first place. Please, there is no need for me to be envious of any babe in his life. I have moved on. It was not as if I was flaunting my relationship with Ogbonna. We were just like every other couple. But as it is now, nobody is going to know anything about my private life again.”

The footballer has now found love with his new fiancee and already they are starting to receive press.Lets hope they don't repeat what they did with Ebube.
Laura and Ogbonna met through mutual friends about a year ago and they have gone from strength to strength since.
Now that younger sister is about to walk down the aisles,the main question most social media friendly Nigerians are asking is,when is big sister Linda Ikeji going to get married?

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