Muma Gee and Prince Eke in childish marriage fight on social media

How long ago were we celebrating the Muma Gee and Prince Eke wedding?I ask this cos it only seemed like yesterday and to see these two bickering on social media exposing themselves is really sad.Even if there is a problem,is this where it should be sorted out?Haven't they got friends and family?Really sad.What kind of example are they to the young ones looking up to them?

The husband actor Prince Eke had, on Thursday, December 15, accused his wife of hobnobbing with men in Abuja’s drinking joints and night clubs.He said she had abandoned their 3 month old baby to
go off for 4 weeks with another man.How will these kids feel when they grow up and see their lives played out on social media?

Prince Eke accuses wife Muma Gee of abandoning their 3 children to go off with other men

His wife then replied through the same medium that she had been away working.How do these guys communicate?If she had been away working,shouldn't there be a way that he must know about this?I tire for these people o.These Naija celebrities.
She responded:
“Are you saying I shouldn’t do my work again because I am married? I am in Abuja and I came to work. I have a show here. In fact, I am in a meeting right now. I don’t have any problem with whatever he says,”
And the funniest bit of all was when she was asked if it was true that she was unfaithful,her answer is hilarious...“I have no comment. I have a new album, let him help me and market it. It is this kind of controversy that we are looking for right now.”
This is an embarrassment for both celebs.They are not kids,they are both in their 40s yet act like they are in their 20s.

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