Madonna twerking her butt,kissing Michael Jackson on James Corden

The Madoona James Coden carpool is one of the best shows i have ever seen.Julie Andrews,kissing Michael Jackson,revelations of how she was excommunicated 3 times and butt plants rumours where all packed into just less than 14 minutes of pure entertainment! How did she do it?I guess where you are the queen,nothing is impossible.Oh,Corden also managed to make a friend officially as he was told by M as he calls her that he can now tell the world that they are friends.There was also the proposal.Well she thought it was,sadly,our host told him he had a wife.James had a wife?I didn't know that.I always thought he was gay,cos he is so camp.

But this was fantastic entertainment.The two drove round the streets of New York singing so many of
her classic hits.Like a virgin,ray of light,don't cry for me Argentina,Music,Vogue and Papa don't preach were some of the Karaoke moments we got.During music,she wound down her window sticking her legs out through the window.But that was nothing compared to what we got when she did during the rendition of "bitch i'm Madonna".She stuck her bum in the air and started twerking,it left her host shocked,hahahahha,he was no way expecting that from the queen of shock.That bum looked so good that right away rumours of her having a butt implant filled the net.
madonna twerking on james corden carpool raising butt implant rumours

Who else can pack all these in in less than 15 minutes of activity?On the Jackson kissing incident,she said she was the one who a move and Michael was a willing participant although through the help of a glass of Chardonnay that she prompted him with.
Is there anybody that this woman has not kissed?Idris Elba,Britney spears,Drake,Dj Khaled,Zoe Kravitz,they have all had the lips locking experience.Who is next?
I guess it explains why she was excommunicated 3 times.We can all imagine what she got up to,lol.
Anyway,that is too much said already,check out the carpool video below as seen on youtube,i dare you not to be entertained.

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