Scary Mugshot of Cat woman Jocelyn Bride of Wilderstein after slashing boyfriends face!

Scary Mugshot of Cat woman Jocelyn Bride of Wilderstein after slashing boyfriends face!

Oh my god!Catwoman Jocelyn Wilderstein mugshot is the latest torture inflicted upon the world after the arrest of one of the most infamous plastic surgery addicts the world has ever known!
The 71 year old also dubbed the bride of Wildersteain,had attacked and slashed her longtime boyfriend Canadian couturier Lloyd Klein with a pair of scissors!
Had the boyfriend not managed to forced her into a closet before the police arrived,lord knows how more serious this could have gotten.

The woman who has had a remarkable transformation,no thanks to her plastic surgeries,had attacked Llyod because she thought he was spending too much time on
social media! Can you believe that?Too much time on social media??

See Jocelyn wildenstein before and after video below.

According to insiders,'They had a relaxing dinner, everything was normal then she suddenly got angry as she often does,'
'He was using his laptop and evidently not paying her enough attention. So she screamed at him to get off the computer then picked up a lit candle and threw the hot wax all over him.
'He was very scared, he asked her to calm down but she just got angrier and angrier and threatened to kill him. 
'She then went at his face with her nails, which are real and very sharp, before finally grabbing some scissors and stabbing them twice into his chest.' 

The fuuny thing is,she was the one now calling the police for help after she had been locked in the closet.

Klein told police that he reacted by pushing plastic surgery-loving Wildenstein into a walk-in closet in the hallway of their $5million Manhattan pad. 
He denies locking her in or forcing the door shut and says she could have left at any time had she merely calmed down and opened it from the inside. 
'Lloyd just pushed her inside to get her to calm down. He told her this couldn't be happening and this was wrong but he didn't lock her up. 
'She started calling her agent, calling 911, calling security, calling anyone she could to say she was being attacked and held prisoner. 
'But when the cops arrived it was patently obvious that she could have opened the door herself. 
'By now Lloyd's face was all scratched and swollen, he had two scissor stabs to his chest. The police took one look at the blood and realized he was the victim.' 
She later appeared in court facing charges of assault in the second degree and inflicting injuries with a weapon. 

Her before and after pictures are one of the most searched on the net,and what i find remarkable is how that man can stay with her all these years and look at that face everyday.They have been dating since 2003.Love must be really blind.I could not look at that face for all the money in the world,i am sorry.Can you imagine what the catwoman would look like first thing in the morning?I would not wish that on my worst enemy!

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