Meet Abba Kyari the youngest Nigeria assistant police commissioner

Abba Kyari police officer not to be confused with President Buhari's chief of staff has become the youngest assistant commissioner of police in Nigeria at the age of 41.It is very worrying though,41 is not exactly a young age,why can't we have younger men assuming positions of responsibility in Nigeria?Why do they always have to be recycled among the same old men over and over again?When are the youths going to be able to have a voice?Maybe Kyari is a start.But i seriously doubt it.
The promoted new ACP is known as Nigeria's Jack Bauer by some of his admirers,and understandably,he is totally elated with his new status.

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He was promoted on 15th December, 2016 by the Nigerian Police Service Commission.I guess somebody will be having a happy christmas.He is credited with being the one who cracked most of the kidnap cases in Lagos.

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