George Michael autopsy report is a mysterious one of dead singer

The George Michael autopsy reports has left a cloud over the way the Last Christmas singer died.According to reports,the report did not reveal what led to his death and as a result was inconclusive.
Now,there are going to be more tests conducted as to why the singer passed on in his sleep on that fatal christmas day.Earlier reports of his cause of death had been given as a heart attack,but as you
know,only medical examination in the form of an autopsy can tell the exact cause.

It is said that the medical examiner would perform toxicology tests.Faith and Father Figure singer did overdose on drugs.George Michael's use of drugs had been well known and some friends have suggested that it was the beginning of his downfall,but in his personal life and career.
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He spent 4 weeks in jail for driving under the influence and the once attractive sex symbol became a shadow of himself,as a result,locking himself away with only a few friends having access to him.He also gained tremendous weight leaving him looking heavily bloated around the face.

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