step by step how to get your best nine on instagram 2016

step by step how to get your best nine on instagram 2016

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If you are one of those asking how do you do best of nine on instagram 2016,you are in luck.The craze has spread like wild fire on the social media platform.Basically,what it is,is people posting their most likes photos from the gone year.
So here goes,a step by step on how to get you going.

A. Open up this 2016bestnine generator.
B. Type in your Instagram username. (Note: Your account must be public.)
C. Click on "Get."
D. Now is the time for a little bit of patience.Reason for this is,this step could take as long as 10 minutes if the site gets overloaded, according to Select All.)
E. You have 2 choices.You can choose either the original version, which includes your username and the total amount of likes you received this year, or you can go with the photo-only version, which is
just a miniature collage of your nine most popular pictures.
F. After this step,you then save to your computer or phone.
G. Share!
H. Watch the likes comes in and celebrate in euphoria :) 

Good luck and have a happy new year!
It's easy to see your #2016bestnine Instagram photos.

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