Sad pics of Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo in court after arrest in Nigeria.

Sad pics of Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo in court after arrest in Nigeria.

These pictures of kiran and jyoti matharoo,the Canadian Indian sisters looking so unglamourous and like mere criminals in Nigerian court is very sad.They must know by now they are really in serious trouble.The images shows how far they have fallen from the lavish life style they have been accustomed to.I have never seen the sister look as they do in these pictures.
They were charged to court today Dec. 23rd for allegedly being part owners of notorious website,, where untrue stories written about the rich and famous with plans to extort money from them.
Unfortunately this time,the Matharoo sisters picked on the wrong victim when they tried to
blackmail one of Africa's richest men.Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola.They had been writing untrue materials about him and his wife along with famous daughter and girl friend of footballer/soccer player Victor Anichebe.

The billionaire then filed a complaint with the police who swung into action and during their investigation traced a phone number connected with the website to the two sisters. The owners of the website are alleged to have been using the site to extort money from Nigeria's very rich. 

After their arrest, the famous or shall i say infamous Canadian sisters made confessional statements revealing they own the site and issued an apology to Otedola for allegedly plotting to blackmail him. They now face a possible 4 years in prison for cyber bullying, blackmail and extortion if found guilty.

Let this be a lesson to all those out there who think they are smart and can make money out of the misery of others.Who would have thought this was how these beautiful ladies afforded all their glamourous outings?

It was well known that they dated rich men all across the globe.In particular Nigeria,which they have made a home have seen them being flown all over the country in private jets dating eminent personalities.Among them politicians,billionaires and Alhaji's.The sister posted so many pictures of their lifestyle on their instagram and snap chat pages showing off.Well,the party has come to an end abruptly.

The money and gifts the Matharoo sisters received from their suitors was not enough as they decided to add criminal activities to further enrich their selves.
The total loot of the girls through their criminal blackmailing operation has been estimated at over $700,000 so far!
It must be a new experience for them in a Nigerian jail.The Ritz or the Hilton,it certainly isn't

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