Why Kirsty Gallacher was slurring and collapsed amid drunk tv rumours

Why Kirsty Gallacher was slurring and collapsed amid drunk tv rumours

You must have seen the Kirtsy Gallacher drunk headlines that followed after the star had collapsed on tv prior to viewers noticing her slurring her worlds.The explanation that followed was the presenter was ill,but mischievous viewers were having none of that as slogans such as "thirsty Kirsty" quickly surfaced.
The Sky sports presenter has reacted to all these by being totally flabbergasted as to how people could think she could have been so unprofessional to get drunk before coming on air.Suggestions were that she was out having fun at the christmas party and had too much alcohol than she could

The allegations were not made easy when a source confirmed "Kirsty did go out for dinner the night before but there was no excessive drinking - and remember she goes on air at 4pm, not 4am.

"Kirsty is flabbergasted and shocked that a few people assumed she was drinking before she went on air - in fact, if you watch the footage it looks as though she suddenly felt unwell but carried on with presenting.

What has now emerged is she had in fact been suffering from  extreme exhaustion mixed with a viral infection'.

Well wishers had been worried when the star presenter failed to re appear alongside co-host Jim White after only a short while on air.
What they did not realise was she had to be rushed to West Middlesex University Hospital after passing out ill in a corridor in the studios.
On getting to the hospital Mrs Gallacher  was reportedly treated for exhaustion and a virus and left the same evening.She was so bad that afterwards she had no recollection of what had happened or having been in an ambulance.

Watch the video yourself and see...

It just shows that people should not be quick to jump to conclusions without knowing the foundations or source of a matter.Making up things like thirsty Kirsty is pretty insensitive.Imagine if she had died what those people would have felt like?
Later on Thursday,the Sky presenter went on twitter to thank those who had been looking out for her saying: 
"Thank you for all your kind messages, feeling bit better, still not 100%. Being ill on live TV is horrid experience," 

She also thanked Westmid hospital for their brilliant care. She then rounded it up by thanking Sky Sports and hoping to be back at work soon.Get well soon babes.

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