Top 10 premier league goal scorers of all time!

Top 10 premier league goal scorers of all time!

The EPL is the most watched in the world and the exciting highest top scorers in English premier league over the years have kept the fans glued to their screens or at the games itself.But who are the greatest players to put the ball in the net of all time?Realx,while we bring you a list of the top 10 premier league goals kings ever!

No 10-Starting at the bottom of our list is Teddy Sheringham.I must admit i was not expecting to see him in the high ends of this charts,but the elegant footballer has managed to make his way here.Teddy Sheringham career statistics ,stated he played for Nottingham Forest,Tottenham Hotspurs,Manchester United,Portsmouth and West Ham in the top flight league.So i guess you could say he had enough time and opportunity to score the 147 goals he scored in our list.He was also the oldest player to score in a Premier League match (40 years, 268 days).

Amazing feat really for a super fit player,even today at 49,he is registered as a player for the
club he manages Stevenage United,incredible feat really.

He has some of the most beautiful goals ever seen in England and it could be said that his best moments was playing for Manchester United and partnering Alan Shearer for England.How many chances did he create for Shearer?You truly lose count.

No 9-Coming in at 9 is Sir Les,known otherwise to you and i and millions around the world as Les Ferdinand.I am not sure any other players got as many goals as he did with his head.A truly fantastic player who played for QPR,Newcastle United,partnering Alan Shearer at a period when they played the best football in the country.He also played for his boyhood team,Tottenham Hotspurs.

Les did better than Sheringham by putting the ball in the net two times more,bringing his total to 149 in a career that spanned 20 years.

The 49 year old who was born on the 8th of December 1966 and standing at 5 ft 11 inches is now a football director at Queen's Park Rangers.

No 8 is Michael Owen.I actually thought he would be much higher up in this list.But for the terrible injuries and a short stint in Spain playing for Real Madrid,boy wonder Owen will surely have surpassed Shearer as the greatest netbuster in the premiership.This boy who broke into the Liverpool team as a 17 year old could just not stop banging the net.He had deadly pace with an eye for the kill.

Who could forget the world class goal he scored at the world cup against Argentina as he announced himself to the world?

But an ill fated move to Real Madrid saw the beginning of constant injuries which hampered Owen's career.But he still had some good times by further playing for Newcastle United and Manchester United.He cemented himself in the Manchester United folklore for ever by netting that incredible winner against their noisy neighbours Manchester City in the derby.

But with all the injuries and an early retirement,Michael Owen still managed to hit the net 150 times in the English top flight.
Michael Owen career also saw him net 40 for England in 89 games.

No 7 is Jermain Defoe.This man has an addiction to hitting the back of the net.And only the gods of football can explain why he kept being ignored by England throughout his career.Even when he was the top of the charts in England ,he was ignored for the world cup and instead an unproven 17 year old Theo Walcott was taken in his place.

Jermain Defoe career stats has seen him hit the net ever since he bust onto the scene as a teenager playing for Bournemouth FC on loan.The minute 5 ft 7 34 year old who is still playing at the top flight today for Sunderland Fc has banged the net 151 times in the premier league.He has also done a bit of moving around in his career.His journey has seen him pay for Tottenham,Charlton,Bournemouth,Toronto Fc and Portsmouth.He also has 19 for England in 55 appearances.

No 6-Robbie Fowler was so deadly that in those days,if Liverpool hit the net,you didn't bother asking who got the goals for them,it was always Robbie.The Liverpool fans loved him.I really think he under performed by not netting more than the 163 eventually got.

Robbie Fowler Liverpool stats were frightening.He had already scored 80 times for Liverpool in 135 games before he made his England debut.Now a days,you get 10 goals and you get called up by England.In 1996,he netted 36 times for his club,and he was still on the bench for England!

He had hit the back of the net 64 times before he turned twenty one.The next to him was Michael Owen who got 55 before his 21st,so maybe that shows you how lethal Fowler was in those days.He got 5 against Fulham and got a hat trick against Arsenal in only 5 minutes.

He later went on to play for Manchester City and Leeds United,but just like Owen,the injury he had to his hip robbed him of his pace and by 23 years old,he was not the same player he was.Such a tragedy.

No 5-Thierry Henry is probably the most elegant and naturally talented of all the players in this list.Henry was just pure poetry in motion.Anytime you saw him,it was like a Rolls Royce maneuvering his way through some parked buses.The French international virtually carried Arsenal football club single handedly for years with his match winners and sublime skills.
He came from Juventus as a player with potential.His first 2 seasons were not so good,but after that,we witnessed something else.This man was simply unstoppable.

His pace and previous position as a winger before he was converted to a striker by Arsene Wenger played a big part in his goals.Because he could go past players with his skill and speed.He later plied his trade at Barcelona where he won the Champions league,but he will always be known to have had his best moments at the club that made him,Arsenal.

Thierry Henry stats at Arsenal saw him win the league 2 times and 3 FA cups.He was also a runners up in the world player of the year.He was named the Professional Football Association Players' Player of the Year twice, and Football Writers Association Footballer of the Year three times.Henry is Arsenals all time leading scorer with 228,he is also has the record for France with 51 goals from 123 appearances.In the premiership he comes in at No 5 with 175.If he hadn't gone to Barcelona,and had not played at Monaco and Juventus,he definitely would be No 1.

No 4 on our list is the most incredible of the lot.This man was a mid fielder.He had no right to net 177 times and make the list.But Frank Lampard was a special kind of player.He ghosted from the midfield into the box several times to get so many goals in his career.Consistently getting 20 or more season after season.Truly incredible feat.

Not only that,he is also the all time top scorer of Chelsea FC with 211,he was Chelsea player of the year 3 times,it should have been more.

In England he played for West Ham in that team that had Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand and managed by his uncle,Harry Redknapp.He also played for Manchester City,but not many know that he was once on loan for Swansea City in 1995.
He got 29  for England in 106 games and would have played many more times if not for the constant debate on whether he and Steven Gerrard should be in the same England team.

He won the premier league 3 times,the FA cup 4 times and the champions league once and not forgetting the Europa league once as well.

Frank Lampard career stats clearly tells you he had a wonderful career.

No 3 sits the man they named King Cole.Andy Cole or Andrew as he likes to be known now was a goal machine.His best days were at Newcastle United where everything he hit ended up in the back of the net!

He had a lethal partnership with Peter Beardsley who knew how to find him and Andy simply did the rest.He wore the No 9 jersey at Newcastle with pride and was the king they had all been waiting for.Kevin Keegan made the biggest mistake of his life by selling him to Manchester United.What was he thinking?I am sure if he had not sold him,Newcastle would have won that title or cups that has eluded them still and Keegan would have written his name in gold for ever in the history of the Geordie club.

Cole started out as Arsenal,before making a small name for himself at Bristol City.It was there that Keegan noticed his poaching talents and bought him for Newcastle.The rest as they say,is history.

In 2 years,he got 55 for Newcastle in only 70 games! stunning! How much would a striker go for today with that kind of stats?He got 93 in 195 for Man United,but he should have got more.He missed some chances and i think this was just the sheer pressure on him in those early days playing for such a huge club with all the expectations.I still remember the title clincher he got against Spurs to win the league at Old Trafford,when he dinked the ball over the keeper,class.

What was even more remarkable was that almost all of his goals came from open play.I don't ever remember him taking penalties.Maybe he took a handful you could count on one hand.Unlike his rivals who had a huge chunk of penalties to add to their tallies.Shearer for example scored tons of penalties.

Cole went on to play for other teams when he could not handle not being a regular again in the team after the emergence of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ruud Van Nistlerooy,but his success at those other clubs,Man City,Sunderland,Fulham,Portsm,Portsmouth and Blackburn Rovers were nothing compared to his success with Sir Alex Ferguson where he won the title 5 times,FA Cup 2ce,the champions league once and who could forget that treble winning team of 1999?

He scored 187 times in the premier league.

No 2-Now we are getting into the big boys.Wayne Rooney has 194 at number 2!What more can be said about this boy?The boy who shocked England goalkeeper David Seaman by scoring a worldie while playing for Everton against Everton?He made Seaman look like a novice with his sheer audacity to try and shoot from where he did,but shoot he did and burst the net he did.

He has been wowing the world since his teenage years.Sir Alex Ferguson in 2004, quickly payed a Wayne Rooney transfer fee of £25.6m to price him away from Everton FC.

That same year,making his champions league debut,he got a hat trick at Old Trafford.What a way to announce yourself to the world.He has been virtually England's only automatic choice for years until recently in 2016.He has been constantly referred to as the only world class player England has.

Yet another player born in October,what is it with that month anyway?So many talented people seem to be born in October.The 31 year old has only ever played for 2 clubs,Everton and Manchester United.Manchester City and Chelsea tried to price him away several times,but he ended up staying at his club.
He is the England record goal scorer and is only 3 shy of beating Bobby Charlton's record for Manchester United.He will,its only a matter of time.

His last two seasons have not been good by his own standard,but in his last match played on the last week of November for his club,we saw the old Wayne back playing with that anger and edginess and who is to say that when he is in this mood he will not go on to get another 20 goals this season?

At his age of only 31,if there is anybody that has a chance of breaking Alan Shearer's record,it his this man.If he can stay injury free and play another three years,will you bet against Wayne Rooney not getting 60?

No 1 brings us the indisputable king.The man synonymous for his one hand in the air salute after he had once again banged the ball in the net! Alan Shearer,the king of the premier league! This man has scored 260 times to be No 1!He is the only player to net over 100 for two clubs! If only he had followed Sir Alex Ferguson to old trafford and not let his heart rule his head by going to play for his home club Newcastle United.He did not win a single trophy for them.He won only 1 trophy in his career and that was the league title with Blackburn.An absolute travesty.Players who could not lace his boots were winning 5,6,7,trophies..Sad.

Right from his early days at Southampton,you could tell this was once special player who only had eyes for goal.He had a ferocious shot,didn't dribble much or hang about with the ball,but he had deadly accuracy.When he hits a shot towards goal,8 out of 10 times,it was on target.

He netted free kicks,penalties,and headers.They all were in a days job for Shearer.He got 30 for England in 60 games.He retired from international football cos injuries and wanted to concentrate on being fir for his club so he could get more years.

Injury was not kind to him and he could have added a lot more to his tally if he had been luckier with injuries.

Even though he had a disastrous records with trophies one,the BBC Match of the day pundit did clean up with individual honors.He won the Golden boot in the European Championship 1996 held in England with 5 goals.He was UEFA top scorer in 2004/5,came third in the FIFA world player of the year in 1996,Won the English top flight golden boot 3 times,came third in Ballon D'or in 96,PFA player 2 times and many more.But he knows deep down he would have won much more if he had gone to Manchester United.He should have.

He scored 260 goals to be the greatest premier league scorer ever.They came in all forms and fashions,117 was in the first half while 143 came in the second half,showing this man could banged the net at any time.173 were notched at home while he got 87 away.This man was simply a terror to defences and keepers.They all took a sigh of relief the day he retired.
All hail King Shearer,the greatest of them all.

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