Oakland warehouse fire victims death and missing list toll(pictures)

Oakland warehouse fire victims death and missing list toll(pictures)

The Oakland fire death toll keeps climbing after more information about the missing victims list keeps coming in.The warehouse fire victims had been caught up in the blazing tragedy following a party on Friday night into Saturday morning in a dodgy building.At least 9 people have been reported dead so far with a possible 25 missing and unaccounted for.

Friends and family have been frantically rallying round trying to network and find survivors.Some pictures of the missing victims have also been released as well as list of
names.Search is currently going on by the emergency personnel.
Police are worried the death toll may eventually surpass 24.

The fire was said to have started just before midnight on Friday,the roof of the building then gave in and it was hard for the people at the party to escaped because there was only one staircase linked to the second floor.
Here are some of the names of the Oakland warehouse fire victims.

  • Cash Askew 
  • Jonathan Bernbaum
  • Joey Casio (Joseph Matlock) 
  • Tobi Gayle Chase – Reportedly in the hospital
  • Barrett Clark 
  • David T. Cline
  • Micah Danemayer 
  • Chelsea Faith Dolan
  • Feral Pines
  • Alex Ghassan 
  • Nick Gomez-Hall – Missing
  • Ivania Chavarria Gonzalez.
  • Michela Angelina Gregory 
  • Johan Handel
  • Travis Hough
  • Johny Igaz
  • Chase (Nex) Iguolo (Wittenauer)
  • Ara Christina Jo
  • Alana Kane (Jennifer Mendiola)
  • Donna Kellogg – Name shared by a friend and family
  • Amanda Kershaw (Allen) 
  • Edmond Lapine
  • Julia Levoy (Wryly Fable)reach her. Another friend said she was found safe, not yet confirmed.
  • Madison Machado
  • Griffin Madden
  • Jason McCarty
  • Jenny Morris
  • Elliott Rattle
  • Denalda Nicole Renae (Nicole Siegrist) 
  • Vanessa Plotkin – UC Berkeley student
  • Hanna Ruax 
  • Ben Runnels (Charlie Prowler) 
  • Jennifer Kiyomi Tanouye
  • Alex Vega
  • Pete Wadsworth 
  • Nicholas Walrath
Cash Askew.

Jonathan Bernbaum

Barrett Clark missing in Oakland fire

David Cline

Micah Danemayer

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