The real Adebayo Ogunlesi net worth will blow your mind!

The real Adebayo Ogunlesi net worth will blow your mind!

Nigerians have gotten very curious of Adebayo Ogunlesi net worth after he was appointed as part of American president elect Donald Trump's strategic and policy forum.Part of his job will be to  provide individual views on how the government policy impacts economic growth, job creation and productivity.
So why the curiosity about his finances?I guess they figured he must be loaded cos Trump only hangs around fellow billionaires?Anyway,lets look into Ogunlesi's wealth.

Well to start with,he is the head of Global Infrastructure partners who closed a deal of £1.455b to become the new owners of Gatwick Airport in 2009! This man is a big player.He guides his life and
finances jealously so we can't actually put a hand on his exact worth,but the Gatwick deal which is one of the several billion dollar deals closed gives you an idea of this man's worth.It also should be noted that Global infrastructure has assets of over 35 billion dollars!

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With his wife DrAmelia Quist
He also has a very credible background.He attended the Kings college school Lagos as well as the Harvard Law school and Oxford University!
His father TO Ogunlesi who hails from from Sagamu in Ogun state,is Nigeria's first professor of medicine.

Who says genes don't matter?His wife DrAmelia Quist-Ogunlesi is equally impressive,she is a joint founder in his company Global Infrastructure partners.

But my question is,If Donald Trump who many have called a racist,can seek out a black man,not a black American,but an African man,what was the Nigeria government doing all these years and failing to tap into the brain of men like these?
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