What nationality is jungle celebrity Sam Quek?

What nationality is jungle celebrity Sam Quek?

 Sam Quek heritage and parents

She may be out of the celebrity jungle but fans still wanna know Sam Quek parents nationality and more about the British field hockey player. Her heritage is a mixture of Asian and English.Her mum is English while her father is Singapore.So she is one of the lucky people with a rich ethnicity to their background.

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The talented hockey player did not only play the sport that made her famous.But she also excelled at netball and football,before finally deciding to opt for the sport which brought her glory and fame.Her parents,Marilyn and Albert have always been grreat inspiration to her and always supported their
daughter's career.The highlight so far was when she won an Olympic Gold medal in Rio with Team Great Britain beating the much fancied Netherlands.How do you top that?By going into the i'm a celebrity jungle i suppose,lol..Nah,just joking.

But for all you guys out there trying to bag her after her hot stints in the jungle flaunting her bikini,sorry.Ann which is her middle name,is already taken.Quek has been with boyfriend Thomas Mairs for three years,so No Chance!
Some more personal info's for you,our favourite hockey and celebrity star was born on the 18th October 1988,making her 28 years old,she is beauty and brains as she has a BSc degree in Sport Science.She is 5 foot 4 inches tall and loves the music of Beyonce.She is superstitious and her favourite number which she feels brings her luck is the Number 13.But nobody is perfect,hence the reason why she supports Liverpool FC.

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