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Angie Best will be finding comfort in the arms of partner after being voted of CBB 2017. The star who ruffled feathers in the current celebrity big brother will be adding to her net worth from her appearance fee.The ex model was outspoken and did not care who's ox she gored while on the show.Here we look at some facts of the mother of another contestant,Calum Best.
The model who also worked in the playboy club in London in the 70s is best known for marrying bad boy football superstar,George Best.They got married in 1978 but were divorced 8 years later.Mostly down to George's heavy drinking and eye for the ladies.She said when she met George,it was love at first sight.The union produced a son,Calum,who almost went the way of his father,but was eventually
saved when his mother returned to London to come take care of him
He was heavily into drugs and drink just like the old man he lost at the age of 24.

Now the 64 year old gym owner has a partner she has been with for over 16 years,he is personal trainer Mark Miller.
She runs her gym in Henley on Thames with Mark.Thanks to the gym and the experience of having been personal trainers to stars such as Cher,Angie has managed to keep her figure of her youth and still looking fantastic.She is 5ft 7in and weigh 8st 6 lb.
with ex partner George Best.
She has admitted to having had plastic surgery many years ago:"i had my face done at 46, so as I age I don’t need fillers — that puffy look is not nice. I like to Botox the frown lines between my eyes as it takes away the stressed look. I don’t like the idea of poison being injected into my body for the sake of beauty, but I’m vain and as it’s only a tiny amount, it won’t kill me.
With son,Calum.
So what is Angie Best net worth?Well,she is being payed a six figure fee for her appearance in the 2017 big brother celebrity,and she is said to be doing well with her business,but one thing i can tell you is her son Calum,is reported to be worth $8m.I don't know how that could be possible.Do these guys get payed that much?I earn what does he do?A couple of ads and and reality shows?Damn!Some guys have all the luck.

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