What did Princess Margaret husband Lord Snowdon die of?

What did Princess Margaret husband Lord Snowdon die of?

The sad news of the death of Prince Margaret ex husband has led to questions of how did Lord Snowdon die?The ex photographer and film maker was part of the exciting crowd that thrilled London in the 60s during Beatlemania.
According to the photographic agency that he worked with,Camera Press,his cause of death was said to have been natural as he passed on peacefully at home on 13 January 2017 at the age of 86.

So who was the charismatic photographer that stole the heart of one of the most beautiful women
ever in the Royal family,the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II.?
He was born Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, in the year 1930 he was the 1st Earl of Snowdon.
Lord Snowdon

His marriage with the Princess was one that was often in the headlines for its tumultuous nature.Among what was eventually going to lead to their divorce in 1978 was infidelity.They had been together for 18 years.They got married in Westminster Abbey.They had two children,David Armstrong-Jones and Viscount Linley.

He later married Lucy Lindsay-Hogg in 1978 before divorcing her in 2000.That union produced one daughter,Lady Frances Armstrong-Jones.

Lord Snowdon photos was a large part of his identity.His portraits were renowned worldwide and one of my personal favourites was the ones he took during the Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding.
He could have been an architect,but the Eton and Cambridge educated, Jones forfeited that plan and went the way of art instead and became a photographer.

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